Wedding collection 2022

The new collection of wedding dresses represents a revival, both figuratively and aesthetically.With the accelerated pace of today, there is a tendency to choose unconventional and wearable garments that allow women more freedom and unhindered movement. Guided by that, we created models like a brocade coat and a set like a vest and pants.

The new 12 models represent a symbiosis of tradition and modernity, a well-known blend in brand aesthetics with the opening of a new chapter in which the imperative are future brides who are different, more practical and who pay special attention to comfort.With this collection we wanted to give importance to FREEDOM and INDIVIDUALITY as the essence of life, necessary in the creative expression of each person and to encourage every woman to accept herself and feel the freedom and courage to express her beauty and character through her visual identity.

Look 1

Silk, maxi gown with and accentuated shoulders and cutouts

Look 2

Satin, wrap gown with hidden corset and bow at the back

Look 3

Pleated gown with buckle and accentuated shoulders

Look 4

Vest with tuxedo collar and scarf

Wide leg trousers with pleats and satin ribbon on the side

Look 5

Mermaid form gown with crossed straps at the back

Look 6

Cropped top with organza abstract form in the front

High waist trousers with darts

Look 7

Shorts overall with organza abstract form in the front

Look 8

Asymmetrical, abstract flower, beaded top

High waist skirt with inverted darts

Look 9

Asymmetrical, abstract flower, beaded dress

Look 10

Midi, glitter mesh dress with an abstract organza belt

Look 11

Brocade double breasted coat with voluminous sleeves

Look 12

Voluminous gown with voluminous upper part combined with silver mesh title neck

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