Wedding collection 2019

Lines, as a main inspiration for this collection are one of the crucial symbols when it comes to traffic. They redact the route, establishing barriers, composing variously inspiring contours. They  were transposed to the collection with the same entity – to create diverse forms accentuated with lines creating elegant yet modern silhouettes.


Simple but daring gown that emphasis the form of woman’s back with numerous straps creating geometrical composition.


Greek mythology inspired cape and gown, dominate with purity and elegance.


Subtle lace motifs and curvy silhouette make this gown perfect for Hollywood golden age inspired weddings.


Mini, lace draped dress is symbol of open minded contemporary bride.


Associated to the flower and the shape of musical instrument, this gown indicates harmony and coherence between refined elegance and women’s body.


Elegance and beauty  of slik satin, wraped around the body, make this dress distinct by its graciousness and delicacy.


Numerous layers of silk tulle make this dress looking so innocent and sensual, in the same time, due to sharp lines of the top.


Hidden under draped cape, there is sophisticated dress created as illusion of infinity, by its transparency and cutouts.


Made of silk organza, this ones shoulder mini dress brings into existence the idea of refinement from every woman imagination.


Refined as the name itslef, this silk organza overall is quintessential of modern feminity, comfortable but glamorous.


Delicate lace and numerous silk layers define the beauty and form as petals on the flowers itself.


Redefining concept of modern bride, represented by minimalistic yet glamorous look, this ensemble is composed of silk top and floor length satin skirt.

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