Wedding collection 2020

Inspired by the highest form of craftsmenship, new bridal collection reflects variety of forms created by human brain and arm

Beginning from applied art and architecture, with various forms and shapes, to the ultimate beauty of craftsmanship, these ensembles could be seen as works of art.

Look 1

Sculptured, draped dress with big volume fabric piece inserted on top

Look 2 and Look 3

Off the shoulder draped mini dress with embellished sleeve

Satin, wrap – pleated dress with asymmetric bow and voluminous ruffle at the hemline

Look 4

Gown, made of numerous layers of tulle combined with sharp and geometrical cuts on the sleeveless top

Look 5

Structured satin dress with flower shaped top and multiple petals skirt

Look 6

Satin overall with silk organza sculptured top and straps tied into bows

Look 7

Two-piece ensemble consists of off the shoulder glitter sprinkled dress and silk organza pleated apron

Look 8

Contrasted gown with pearl beaded top and high slit voluminous skirt

Look 9

Form fitted mermaid dress with crystal motives applied on the back

Look 10

Sleek, slip dress with pleated top and irregular pleated voluminous ruffle

Look 11

Glittering turtle neck gown with silver dust lines and opening at the back

Look 12

Delicate geometrical lace dress with a loose mousseline straps and silk organza trim

Look 13

Voluminous, glitter polka-dot pleated dress with a back opening and cutouts on the sides

Look 14

Sophisticated crochet lace dress with kimono sleeves and deep V neckline

Look 15 and 16

Sheer delicate lace mini dress paired with a silk organza flower shaped top

Ruffled mini dress with asymmetrical organza trim


Look 17

Silk organza transparent bow skirt combined with see-through bodice embellished with flower petals

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