Fall Winter 2018/2019

Designed for a woman with individuality, this collection is referring to a strong, independent woman of a new, modern era.

It salutes her femininity in a subtile way, making her look liberate to express her sensuality with an attitude, not only by clothes.

Look 1

Checked skirt with asymmetric trim

Voluminous wrap blouse with pleats

Cropped leather jacket

Look 2

Turtleneck, mini dress with V neckline and pleats

Look 3

Voluminous buttoned, checked dress with puff sleeves

Look 4

Tailored, long vest

Transparent organza voluminous blouse

High waist trousers with buckles

Look 5

Cropped leather jacket

Transparent organza voluminous blouse

Pencil skirt with high slit and ruffle

Look 6

Tailored, long vest

Wrap blouse with pleated sleeves

Leather mini skirt with buckle

Look 7

Midi, belted dress with inverted seams

Look 8

Wrap, midi dress with pleated sleeves

Look 9

Two-piece ensemble with accentuated shoulders

Turtle neck long sleeve blouse with pleats

Look 10

Asymmetric, mini pleated dress with bow

Look 11

High waist overall with accentuated shoulders

Look 12

Wrap mini dress with buckle and draped sleeves

Look 13

Midi dress with cross over on the upper part and opened back

Look 14

Contrasted double lapel midi coat

Look 15

Midi dress with bow and draping in the back

Look 16

Color block, sleeveless turtle neck dress with bow

Look 17

Midi, asymmetric color block dress

Look 18

Mini asymmetric dress, with contrasting frill and opened back

Look 19

Tailored two-piece suit with contrasting lapel

Look 20

Leather mini dress with buckles and pleats

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