Wedding collection 2018

This collection presents wedding dress in a different light, as seen in a new, less limiting way. As addition to the long dresses, mini wedding dress appears, too, as well as outfits with trousers.

As sort of contrast to light fabrics and boho chic, there are Ines Atelier leather jacket, made from the finest “nappa” leather.

Look 1

Tulle wedding gown with crystal beaded application. Glamorous dress with open back, highlighting whole figure and feminine curves.

Look 2

Elagant satin blazer, with distinguished shoulders and waist, tied with shiny wide ribbon. Crystal and pearl beaded decoration gives the touch of old Hollywood glamour. Blazer is paired with voluminous tulle skirt, inspired by elagance and movements of ballet dancers.

Look 3

Asymetric Hollywood style dress. Delicate lace embroidered with pearls, and nude lining for sophisticated sexy feel.

Look 4

Mermaid style dress with upper part in form of corset. Elegant and clear, with bottom part embelished with calla petals, making it looks like huge bouquet.

Look 5

Open back dress made of pure silk, which flatters the figure. The accent is put on silhouette, making the dress looking seductive and innocent in the same time.

Look 6

Romantic, airy wedding dress with open back and slit, revealing legs. The blouse is made of delicate french lace while skirt gets its volume thanks to multilayered slik mouselline.

Look 7

Girly style dress, designed  for party alike weddings. Mini lace gown is decorated with narrow pleats and satin trimming.

Look 8

Two pieced wedding dress, including mini dress and apron. The whole ensemble is made od satin mat side, giving it touch of effortless chic, while long train reminds on old school glamour. French lace details and revealed legs make this style looking sweet&sexy.

Look 9

Chic and romantic, lace dress is made as corset with wide skirt, with shorter front side and longer train. Inspired by 50’s style, this dress is perfect for independent, free spirit girls.

Look 10

Mini „calla“ dress, with the form as main idea. Plain and clear lines, this mini gown is adorable for its huge flower effect, with metal zipper as the only one detail.

Look 11

Hollywood golden age inspired dress, with sparkling application asymetrically placed. Diva look is achieved by sophisticated small sleeves and subtle pleats game on waist.

Look 12

Unusual back opening, deep V neck and legs revealed – this dress is perfect for summer weddings beside pool or beach. Designed for mighty, selfconfident women.

Look 13

Red carpet inspired wedding gown, with crystal beaded applications. Deep V neck and front opening stands as contrast to sharp lines and long sleeves.

Look 14

Sleevless, asymetric gown, with flapped skirt. Delicate lace, with pearl embroidery and nude lining. Waist is accentuated with rips ribbon, that gives touch of contemporary glamour.

Look 15

Full lace length dress, modern mermaid style, with crossed ribbons as decoration. The silhouette is in the focus, also with the see-through effect thanks to nude color lining.

Look 16

Stylized crinoline made of lace with satin trimming. Upper part is shaped as corset while skirt is wide, full length, with side pockets as symphatetic (and practic) details.

Look 17

Long „calla“ dress, with tubular form, and flower shaped top cover. As contrast to plain, clear lines, there is interesting fastening aroun neck, which gives urban look, also with metal zipper along whole back.

Look 18

Elegant wedding dress, designed as evening  gown, with lace covered sides and subtle pleats on the waist. Sophisticated, mermaid style with delicated details.

Look 19

Two pieced ensemble – jumpsuit and apron, designed for brides with rock’n’glamour spirit. Made of satin mat side, decorated with french lace details. Focus is on long legs and tiny waist.

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