Biker Jacket

Ines Atelier Icons

The supreme piece that has immersed as the most loved Ines Atelier item is the biker jacket. This ultimate best-seller is completely handmade with utmost precision. Each little detail of the jacket is carefully constructed and meticulously made from high-quality leather.

Nude textured D1 jacket

Nude D1 jacket made of textured leather, inspired by romantic vibes and the rock’n’chic trend. Fine lines on the surface gives it an edgy feel – feel free to make the difference.

Black soft D1 jacket

Classical but always new – standard D1 model in soft black leather. Elegance and sophistication in a contemporary way.

Burgundy soft D1 jacket

D1 burgundy soft jacket – one of the most popular colors reminiscent of passion, wine, independence… new classic in its most luxury shade.

Blue textured D2 jacket

D2 blue textured jacket – seaside, clouds, space… that is why this piece is perfect for ladies known for their free spirit, always ready for new (fashion and other) adventures.

Military soft D2 jacket

D2 military jacket is for „tough“ fashionista girls. Must have piece for all seasons matching perfectly with pale shades as well as attractive prints and jeans.

Burgundy soft D3 jacket

D3 burgundy jacket – luxurious piece with „classy“ effect, designed for girls with glamazon attitude. Everyday easy glamour for all occasions.

Grey textured D3 jacket

D3 grey textured jacket is a little bit of a mystic, classical but irreplaceable item to make your style fresh. Whether made with golden or silver metal hardware, it is a great choice to mix it with floral dresses or torn jeans.

Nude textured D3 jacket

D3 nude jacket – show your romantic side in new sporty way, try something different and stay „just a girl“ forever.